Farm Land

Good quality farm land is harder to come by every year. We understand soil types and variations in crops geographically and can accurately assist both buyers and sellers.

We are farmers and our family before us farmed. If you are interested in selling your farm land, know that we understand soil types, crop rotations, lease agreements, FSA and other program enrollments and other information to convey to potential sellers. And although we’d like to see true farm land remain that way forever, inevitably we know it is often for sale because of progress and growth – so we will market the land for development potential as well to help you get the best price.

If you’re in the market to purchase farm land, know that it won’t take a rocket scientist to explain what you’re looking for. We get it – and if you’ve ever spoken with an agent who doesn’t have experience in farm or ranch land – then you’ll greatly appreciate that we get it. Just send us your wish list and we’ll monitor the markets and make some phone calls to help you find what you have in mind.